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Fri. March 28, 2014
3.28.2014 || Diarrhea Planet & The Weeks w/ New Wives & Concord America | Athens, GA |
Presented By New Earth Music Hall

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Venue Information

Live Wire Athens (MAP)
227 W. Dougherty Street
Athens, GA
US 30601

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More Information
Freeklife & The Georgia Theatre Present:

Diarrhea Plant‎

Evan P. Donohue and Hodan Dickie originally started Diarrhea Planet as a noise project. The next year, they invited Casey to play drums with them playing guitars and no bass. Diarrhea Planet was born. Eventually, they all wanted more guitars, so a few lineup changes and a year down the road and here we are ...with 4 screaming guitars, one jungle-stompin bass, one power rock drumset, and 6 best friends doing what they love as loud as they possibly can.

The Weeks

The sound of wind through the pines, bare feet brushing through leaves, snapping sticks like the spines of the weak. When we started we were small and strong at heart, five southern souls damned to speak the truth. But with this responsibility comes pain and loss. And as the years passed our numbers grew smaller, and there were four. This did not stop these brave soldiers of thought, keepers of truth. They were older now and their soft footsteps through the forest had grown louder and stronger. Like the dust filled hoof beats of a thousand wild horses, they layer sound like musket fire, their melodies bend and twist like train-tracks. A music shaped from the calloused hands and wrinkled faces of their fathers. They have walked through the fire wide-eyed and crazy, and came out enlightened. You cannot stop these men, your armies can’t cease their hands, dampen this thunder, or silence their tongues. We have trudged through the muddy swamps to freedom.

Our shoes are tattered and torn, but our feet are dry. As for our places in history, we will run naked through your streets before we sit decorated in your halls.

New Wives

NEW WIVES began in late January 2013 when the then-drummerless duo of Drew Kirby (vocals, guitars) and Zach Gastley (bass) connected with Matt Anderegg (drums) for a hastily booked show at Go Bar in Athens, GA. There were 6 days to build a band from the ground up, but the group gained footing so quickly that they made an early debut at a Freeklife house show a mere two days after their first practice. They played two songs.

Those two songs ended up opening their debut NEW WIVES EP, recorded at Easy Street Studios in Athens, GA by local everyman TJ Mimbs (The District Attorneys, Dana Swimmer) just two months after the band formed. This five-track collection of the group's self-styled "pop and roll" repertoire ((at that point)) was released on May 3rd, 2013 via Marching Banana Records and served as the group's recorded debut to the world. One track in particular, "Maggots", was a lurching 7 minute affair of pop and noise that gained the group both local accolades along with spawning an ill-advised anonymous parody version named after a certain slur with the most letters in common with the original title. Maybe we had that one coming.

Concord America

Based out of Atlanta, Concord America is a trio consisting of brothers John and Vinny Restivo and friend Ben Presley. Claiming influences like Black Lips, Pixies and Cage The Elephant, the group formed around their mutual love for Rock & Roll but found their unique sound in genres ranging from classic Garage and late-50’s Doo-Wop all the way to Proto Grunge, Power-Pop and the modern Surf Revival.

Early last year, Concord America took a week away to produce their debut LP, Shag Nasty, with engineer friend Trey Rosenkamppf in the basement of their home. The band tracked everything live in one room, which Ben says gave them more creative options. “We weren’t on the clock—
we were having fun, drinking, trying different shit.” The LP found itself dwelling somewhere in the Beach-Punk genre but still manages to keep some of that Pixies-style Rock & Roll the Concord America boys love so much.

The Restivo brothers were a natural rhythm section from the start. “John was already drumming and put the idea in my head to play bass,” says Vinny. Until the three met at their job in a seedy pizza joint, the teen brothers were playing in the bands you might expect to find in suburban garages across America. “What really made us want to start a band with Ben,” John says, “is that we saw him get past security at a Cage the Elephant show. He jumped on stage during “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” in short shorts, suspenders, combat boots and a sailor hat and did a stage dive.” Guitarist and singer Ben Presley seemed to be just the catalyst John and Vinny needed.

Shag Nasty is a charming, lo-fi rock record that expresses the dynamic between Presley and the Restivo brothers. “The record is a little loose,” Ben says, “but that’s how it’s supposed to be heard.”

$1 PBR Before 10pm
Doors: 9pm
Tickets $5

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