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Thu. February 13, 2014
2.13.2014 || Earth Cry ft Anthony of Papadosio. Rainforest Benifit | Athens, GA |
Presented By New Earth Muziq & Locus Promotions

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Live Wire Athens (MAP)
227 W. Dougherty Street
Athens, GA
US 30601

At this time New Earth Music Hall does not have any tickets available for purchase for this event. Note: This does not mean this event is sold out. Contact the venue to purchase tickets.

More Information
Locus Promotions and GermiNation have teamed up with some phenomenal artists to 'Show Some Love' and support for education and reforestation in Costa Rica.

- Although Costa Rica does have strict laws forbidding the destruction of rainforest, they are difficult to enforce, and rainforests are still being demolished. By purchasing lands, we are able to help stop such destruction. By purchasing deforested pasturelands, we are able to plant thousands of trees, including fruit trees, which will provide food and shelter for wildlife as well as for the human community.
Our approach to conservation includes, not only purchasing and planting the lands, but also educating children, youth and adults to be stewards of this gift of the Earth. We have found that many Central American people simply have not been educated to understand the importance of conservation and how it affects their own communities, OR the world community. Through educating and facilitating youth, we are able to take simple educational programs to the neighboring communities to spread the understanding.

This is the mission we share with Awakening Soul Earth Training Sanctuary, our partners in the GermiNation movement. The proceeds from this event will go directly towards purchasing learning materials for the San Jose de Rivas elementary-middle school. As well as a stockpile of organic non GMO seeds to be grown in the school's cafeteria and throughout the community. Any additional funds will go towards furthering the mission of Awakening Soul by purchasing high priority items on their website's donations list.
We are thrilled to have such a beautiful music selection for the evening as well!! Light filled vibrations include:

.: EarthCry (Asheville, NC)
With Support From:
.: Kolourz
.: Stratosphere
.: .Bija

@ New Earth Music Hall
- Thursday, February 13 -

Tickets are $8 in Advance / $10 Day of Show
About the Artists:

EARTHCRY (Anthony from Papadosio):
EarthCry is how Anthony Thogmartin is choosing to respond to a calling to create music that heals the planet and its people. His debut project combines aspects of a workshop based on solfeggio frequency healing with electronically charged dance music. The end result is a brand new type of live experience deeply rooted in healing and crowd participation. In 2013 he turned this experience into an album called "Hear The Earth, Heal Yourself 8 Heal The Earth, Hear Yourself".
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Kolourz, aka Zachary King, is an accomplishment for electronic music. Due to such outstanding work, Zachary has been recognized and is respected within the music scene in Atlanta. He has played along side Bluetech, Minnesota, Ilya Goldberg, Archemesis, Andreilien (Heyoka), The Malah , Arpetrio, Skytree,
Sonmi, Kilowatts, Aligning Minds, Elfkowitz, Akara, Agobi Project, Sir Charles, GemNeye, Mythra, Av8r, The Morkestra, Higher Learning and many other talented musicians and composers.
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Stratosphere aims to raise the vibration of the listener through doorways and walls of sound, earthy tones, grounding beats, and deep bass. Ranging from ambient to aggressive he shares emotion, energy, and vibrations. Drawing inspiration from the stars and the spirit , from the energy of the night sky, being surrounded by trees and nature, and the infinite mind, hoping to evolve with the listener into something beautiful. Thank you for your time, interest, and energy. It means so much. Stay tuned.....
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From the roots to the grass growing to trees expanding organic life into the cosmos. Southeast germinating seed .Bija.
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.: Locus Promotions :.

.: GermiNation :.

.: Awakening Soul :.

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