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Mon. December 31, 2012
2012 NYE DubConscious | Athens, GA |
Presented By New Earth MUZiQ

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Venue Information

New Earth Music Hall (MAP)
227 W. Dougherty Street
Athens, GA
US 30601

Other Information

Members of FLT RSK, Sweet Knievel, Rahasya, Grogus, Raising Caine

Special Guests:
mystery guest to be announced soon...

Event Information:

At this time New Earth Music Hall does not have any tickets available for purchase for this event. Note: This does not mean this event is sold out. Contact the venue to purchase tickets.

More Information

WE'RE STILL HERE:  New Year's Celebration at New Earth Music Hall in Downtown Athens GA 2012/2013

It has been written on walls for millenia that: On December 21, 2012: The END of the World as we know it will be witnessed by all.  
WE, as a People, truly have no idea what this really means.  
WE do have one prediction however.  
On December 31st of this Gregorian Calendar Year of 2012, We'll all be saying:


And to begin this new era, there is a huge celebration planned to say goodbye to this incredible year of 2012.   Athens GA based Socially Conscious and Spiritually Driven original Reggae/Dub Band DubConscious will be playing a very special show at its home venue New Earth Music Hall with two long sets featuring family and friends that have been a part of its core since 2002 when the band first started.  New songs featuring Shelley Olin and Matty G' aka Matt Mansfield will be highlighted along with favorite songs from the past featuring members that helped create them back in the day when everyone lived in Athens and the DubConscious 40 foot touring bus was always filled up with BioDiesel ready to hit the road and play to audiences all around the US.  

DubConscious is a family tree that has sprouted many branches and collaborated with so many incredible artists and musicians and friends along the way.   So for the 2012 Sayonara, DubConscious is reaching into this well of brilliance and pulling out gems in Athens and surrounding communities to make this really special.  Special guests that have already joined on for the fun include Carl Lindberg of Grogus/Squat/Old Skool, JB Lawrence of FLT RSK, Jonathan Brill of Sweet Knievel, Surdas Ji and Vajra Yogini of Rahasya, Cain McDonald of Raising Cain are set and ready.   We expect there will be many more to be announced as the date approaches.  Stay tuned for updates and announcements that will round out this incredible event.  

These are amazing times and there is a lot of speculation about whether it is a good time or bad:

All in All, WE believe that this time is about transformation and WE are setting the intention for the End of Ignorance and the End of the Unknowing.  We hope that this is a time of great abundance for all the Earth's inhabitants and that health and wellness and most importantly happiness comes to all that are willing to change the world for the better for everyone.  

WE'RE STILL HERE!!!!! And it's only going to get better

Come join us on Dec. 31st at New Earth Music Hall in Athens GA for a very special night 

All Love Surrounds

DubConscious and New Earth MUZiQ Family

Advance tix are $10 and can be purchased at: 

New Earth Music Hall 
227 W. Dougherty Street
Athens GA 30601

An Event Produced by New Earth MUZiQ and DubConscious

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